Getting Bored ? 5 Stupid Things To Do !



We all hate getting bored. Sometimes just too much !

This happens most when we don’t have anything to do at all. We keep on moving from T.V. to Facebook, then Facebook to Game and then back to T.V.


So here’s five stupid(not actually) things you’ll love to do.


1. Making Prank Calls/SMS



This sometimes could get difficult. Best way of doing this is by getting a new sim, and calling one of your friend.

A few days back somewhere I read “Getting Bored ? Type an SMS to some unknown number saying “I’ve hid the body, what next ?” “

So I thought of doing that with my friends, but their replies were  horrible. :p



2. You ever heard of



Well its nice place on Internet. Go hang out there watch out memes and in no time you will also start making some memes.

It is just that in the beginning you might not get few of the jokes there, because sometimes they are interrelated. But still you will love it.

Another such site is there are many such sites but I guess 9GAG is enough.


3. Playing Online Multiplayer Games

shot0000 team_fortress-wallpaper


They are always fun but only at the times when you have got Chat in there. Some of the free FPS Multiplayer games you will love:
-Urban Terror,

-Team Fortress 2,

-Alien Arena, (though it sucks but still saying :p)


4. Make Some Art

art close enogh

Okay I know you might be too bad at drawing things but why not give it a try. Try to make funny things, paint up your rooms wall and then run, your Mom’s gonna kill you then :D


5. Go Study !


Enough Kid ! Enough of the stupid things, go study ! When do you have next exam ?


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