Secret To Late Night Studies

So when its exam after a week of holiday, no gives a damn to studies until when we realize just 2 days are left. :o And we are like, study whole night complete the syllabus.


But at times we get to face some little obstacles, like tiredness and Facebook, of course.


So here is what I think you should try,


-Get out of the blanky. Yes, you just cannot study things well in blanket. Moreover you will fell asleep faster in that comfort.

-Try to write as many things as possible. Seriously, I myself don’t follow it sincerely but when I do, it always boosts a little more confidence in me.

-Make sticky notes of important formulas and rules and stick them to the walls of your room or just in front of where you sleep. Always have a look on them when you sleep and wakes up.

-Shut that radio or mp3 player down when you’re not doing maths.

-Have some Late Night refreshment ready. Like peanut butter sandwich, coke, chips, biscuits etc.

snacks and refreshmentoreo Just what I always wants !


  Hope it helps, but if it doesn’t, then you should have listened to your teachers ! :p

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