Why go for a Paid or Pirated software when There are Freewares !

Don’t be Pirate, be stupid ! :p



You just don’t have to. There are so many softwares, programs and scripts available for free. Only thing is, you need to learn to compromise. Many of the big companies looses thousands of dollars because of pirated softwares only. The recent arrest of MegaUpload owner has somewhat brought things to sudden halt. But still piracy continues to a part of our lives.

Here are a few ways with which can make your life comfortable without using any pirated product.


-Learn to get freewares.

Currently there are free softwares of almost anything you can easily think of. Image editing softwares(eg. GIMP), video editors(eg. VideoPad), sound editors(eg. Audacity), download manager(eg. Orbit Downloader), etc. It is just that people gets addicted to torrents and look for torrents for every possible thing, may be just because of the convenience.

-Google is the most powerful tool we have today over Internet, make use of it for searching free softwares.

-Join forums and discussions over various blogs.

-Subscribe to newsletter of blogs.


-Accept it, everything is not Free !

If you can control yourself from using pirated softwares, do it. But it is the fact, what a Paid software can do, might not be possible by the Free ones. But still, when spending money, keep in mind you can even promote the freewares by donating something to them, than buying something for some little features.


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