Hi !

I am Abhay and am a Human. :p

This is my “blah blah” blog and I post anything I want. Though my blog at most times focuses on tips and trick and tech related posts.

I lives in India, and have hell lot of interest in music, listening as well as making.

I’m a High School graduate till now and will be joining some “blah blah” college soon. but I’m still confused with my career.

This blog was made 4 years ago. Actually on 16th May 2008, that’s the day before my birthday, and that was the beginning of my Blogging career. Now I have 4 different blogs including this one.

Let me name them for you:

S2PD.com, that’s my favorite domain name and a just for fun blog. :D

Wpimagine.com, my WordPress theme designs project, it will feature tips and tricks related to WordPress theme designing.

IMFO.in, that one is just nothing till now, will be working on that sooner later.

COOLABHAY.com, this is where you are right now, I know that name kinda sounds awkward, but 4 years ago I was a new kid over Internet and so things happen.

Right now I’m a lazy gamer boy, with some graphics and video editing skills. I will soon be starting my vlogs or podcasts channel, and in future if got opportunity, I will be making a short movie.

Well that’s “not so little” about me. Tell me about yourself in comments below.

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You’re awesome.. <3 <3 <3