A New Post New Beginning

Posted by Admin at Jul. 8. 2014.

It has been a really time since I last. There were multiple reasons for that, as such distractions as well as seriousness towards studies and enjoying stuffs with friends. Comes out I was quite lost, but I enjoyed past 6-8 months to the heights.

Now I’m having a restart on my Internet life. Starting with this blog post.
I’ve discontinued my other personal blog (coolabhay.com) which earned me quite an amount of money in 4 years. But it was just not good enough for me.
So I decided to make this (s2pd.com) as my semi-personal blog. I’ll post updates, tutorials, humor etc etc. I actually don’t have a thorough idea of what I’m going to do.
I’m starting to work on a cover song video, designing graphics, populating my port folio.

See you soon… ;)

How to Distract yourself?

Posted by Admin at Feb. 14. 2014.

Concentration is one hell of a thing. You need to concentrate to work well. You need to concentrate for a better view. But what if this so called concentration is stuck at something or someone. That is when you need to distract yourself.

Once I read one of the Actual Advice Mallard meme which said “Don’t take yourself so seriously, nobody else do”.


That is probably true to a great extent. Maybe not all true. I mean, if you’re going to confess in front of your family that you are having suicidal ideation, they’ll probably freak out. So yes there are always people who cares, for real.

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The Greatest Time Killers of Mine

Posted by Admin at Jul. 14. 2013.

When we get bored, we often skip to movies and games. That’s most me too. But still there’s more. Over this vacation of more than 30 days, I had watched more than 40 movies and I’m still on the spree. Although I don’t like spending this much of time in front of a screen, but at the same time I cannot resist myself. My greatest time killers in order are below.

-Movies and Shows.
Enough said, you know what I mean.

-Guitar and musical instruments
Over the vacations, I improved my skills in guitar, as well as keyboard. Although I haven’t bought a keyboard yet, i’m using an application which turns you PC keyboard into a Musical keyboard.
See: http://download.cnet.com/PC-73-Virtual-Piano-Keyboard/3000-2133_4-75755196.html

I got myself made a custom Cajon, and I’ve been thumping it since then.


I’ve been learning on how to make music, and so far I’ve found it is difficult.

Chess: You might say its just another game, rather board game. Yes it is, but unlike others it has an addiction, either you lose or win, it makes you play more and more. I’m on chess.com by the name ixabhay if you want to catch up.