Awesome Fan Made Wonder Women Short Film

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OMG this is so cool.

Video link:

Check out their channel:

They have like 6 awesome videos.




Anyways her name is Rileah Vanderbilt, if might need for some research purposes.

Spending Your Money In Right Direction

Posted by Admin at Jun. 24. 2013.

Money is one of  the greatest three factors in one’s life beside fame and power.
In college life, no matter how much amount of money your parents would send you, at some point we find it still less. Here is my approach on how you can save on your money in little things and spend it wisely.



-Buying Gadgets and Equipments
Ever heard of, you sure have. It is one of greatest classifieds ad site India have ever got.
This place is right now my favorite for buying out mobile phones. You might say, “when you’re spending 10-20k of money in a phone why not buy a first hand phone?”
I would like to explain this with an example. Consider, you want to buy Samsung Galaxy S4, the market price of which is currently around Rs 40 to Rs 45,000. Now if you would simple do a little search on the classifieds, you can easily find the desired phone for about Rs 32-35,000. Now this phone would come in full warranty, as it is newly launched.
This saves you around Rs 5 to Rs 10,000 straight. Similarly you can look for musical instruments too. Say an acoustic guitar. Which is a great thing to buy second hand.


-Using Coupon Codes
There are sites like which provides you coupon codes for various other shopping  websites. You can also use for same. Did you know, ebay’s newsletter occasionally contains coupon codes. They can easily save you Rs 100 to Rs 2000 in single purchase.

-Retail Stores
When buying from retail store, ask for a membership card. They give small small discounts on small small purchases. Though these discounts are very small, they get credited in your card.

Hottest 5 Videos of Kate Upton [NSFW]

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So here are the Hottest 5 videos of one of the Hottest star of this year who went viral by her stunning sexy dance video.

First and formost the latest one:

Many Talents of Kate Upton by Terry Richardson

and if you just cannot watch it on Vimeo, here watch it on YouTube

Link to same video.

Well the end of this video is for sure bumping. Seriously !

I just love Kate Upton and below are the Hottest 5 videos of Kate Upton I like the most.
I haven’t included any of the Sports Illustrated Video. Everyone knows about that. :p

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