Are you Depressed?

Posted by Admin at Jul. 11. 2014.

Do you write a Diary? A journal?

Do you ever come across a situation where there are a million things circling around in your head but when you pick up the pen to write, the page remains blank. You keep thinking where to start from, what should you write about?
Recently I watched this movie, “It’s kind of a funny story.”
Have you ever been depressed? I don’t know if I have ever been, but this movie kind of explain how we cannot explain our situation. It just fits right.

 under pressure quote Insanity laughs under pressure we're cracking

We think we are depressed, and there are a million reasons we can find for the same. But when we are asked what is the reason for our depression, we just come to a realization that all of these reasons are quite absurd.

So it is a kind of situation when we say “You won’t understand.”

I think if there is something we understand completely we can always explain it to others. So basically when we are saying “you won’t understand”, what we actually mean is that even we don’t understand it, our situation.

So is there any way to fix this depression thing?

May be yes, may be no. The answer mostly depends upon you. I read some where “If you want to be happy, nobody in this world can make you sad. But if you’ve made your mind to be sad, no power in this world can make you smile.”

So yes, you can get over the depression, but only when you really want to do it.

In my case, I decided to cut myself from the society and people. And in cases where it was impossible to avoid people I decided to respond formally. It took me over a month to find joys in my hobbies again. I was not really really depressed but it was kind of same. You know that movie I said “It’s kind of a funny story.”

I really doubt if I’m all okay, but I will get there. ;)

The Greatest Time Killers of Mine

Posted by Admin at Jul. 14. 2013.

When we get bored, we often skip to movies and games. That’s most me too. But still there’s more. Over this vacation of more than 30 days, I had watched more than 40 movies and I’m still on the spree. Although I don’t like spending this much of time in front of a screen, but at the same time I cannot resist myself. My greatest time killers in order are below.

-Movies and Shows.
Enough said, you know what I mean.

-Guitar and musical instruments
Over the vacations, I improved my skills in guitar, as well as keyboard. Although I haven’t bought a keyboard yet, i’m using an application which turns you PC keyboard into a Musical keyboard.

I got myself made a custom Cajon, and I’ve been thumping it since then.


I’ve been learning on how to make music, and so far I’ve found it is difficult.

Chess: You might say its just another game, rather board game. Yes it is, but unlike others it has an addiction, either you lose or win, it makes you play more and more. I’m on by the name ixabhay if you want to catch up.

Spending Your Money In Right Direction

Posted by Admin at Jun. 24. 2013.

Money is one of  the greatest three factors in one’s life beside fame and power.
In college life, no matter how much amount of money your parents would send you, at some point we find it still less. Here is my approach on how you can save on your money in little things and spend it wisely.



-Buying Gadgets and Equipments
Ever heard of, you sure have. It is one of greatest classifieds ad site India have ever got.
This place is right now my favorite for buying out mobile phones. You might say, “when you’re spending 10-20k of money in a phone why not buy a first hand phone?”
I would like to explain this with an example. Consider, you want to buy Samsung Galaxy S4, the market price of which is currently around Rs 40 to Rs 45,000. Now if you would simple do a little search on the classifieds, you can easily find the desired phone for about Rs 32-35,000. Now this phone would come in full warranty, as it is newly launched.
This saves you around Rs 5 to Rs 10,000 straight. Similarly you can look for musical instruments too. Say an acoustic guitar. Which is a great thing to buy second hand.


-Using Coupon Codes
There are sites like which provides you coupon codes for various other shopping  websites. You can also use for same. Did you know, ebay’s newsletter occasionally contains coupon codes. They can easily save you Rs 100 to Rs 2000 in single purchase.

-Retail Stores
When buying from retail store, ask for a membership card. They give small small discounts on small small purchases. Though these discounts are very small, they get credited in your card.