The Art of Biasing the View

Ever heard of brain manipulation?
Yeah, that’s right. It has something to do with the brains. :genius:

few words are powerful words

There is this show on Nat Geo, Work Out Your Brain or something like that. They kind of manipulates your brain during the show.
In practical life, we too do that. It is just that we need to focus rather more to see what we have done.

Say for example, if I ask you to think of 5 animal names and remember them for a while.
The chances of you counting Armadillo are very low.
Now you’ve heard the name of another animal, Armadillo, which you definitely have heard of before, but you didn’t recall it when you were thinking of 5 animal names. Why?

Simple and logical explanation, Armadillo is not something you hear of daily. You would think of the most common animal names, which you have most likely heard of in last 24-72 hours.

Now, if someone(other than me) will ask you 5 animal names in like 24-72 hours, you may or may not list Armadillo in that. But definitely, the name Armadillo is going to cross your mind.

This is called Biasing the point of view, or Brain Manipulation. I’m afraid I cannot think of any very impress way to show it. But I hope it hits the spot. I’m no expert yo! :p

Now, pushing the post to somewhat sentimental and personal sphere. I think we often bias each other’s point of view to a point we might not want to do.

When you ask some other person about their point of view, your point of view gets slightly inclined to that of theirs. The intensity of this “slightly” depends on the other person’s value in your life.
Sometimes we prioritize the words of a Stranger over the words someone we have a daily connection with.
I think Few Words are Powerful Words.
Do not overdo, do not over think, do not over talk.

If you don’t want your opinion be biased, do not ask for other’s point of view. If you don’t want to change other’s view, don’t impose your perspective on them.

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Are you Depressed?

Do you write a Diary? A journal?

Do you ever come across a situation where there are a million things circling around in your head but when you pick up the pen to write, the page remains blank. You keep thinking where to start from, what should you write about?
Recently I watched this movie, “It’s kind of a funny story.”
Have you ever been depressed? I don’t know if I have ever been, but this movie kind of explain how we cannot explain our situation. It just fits right.

 under pressure quote Insanity laughs under pressure we're cracking

We think we are depressed, and there are a million reasons we can find for the same. But when we are asked what is the reason for our depression, we just come to a realization that all of these reasons are quite absurd.

So it is a kind of situation when we say “You won’t understand.”

I think if there is something we understand completely we can always explain it to others. So basically when we are saying “you won’t understand”, what we actually mean is that even we don’t understand it, our situation.

So is there any way to fix this depression thing?

May be yes, may be no. The answer mostly depends upon you. I read some where “If you want to be happy, nobody in this world can make you sad. But if you’ve made your mind to be sad, no power in this world can make you smile.”

So yes, you can get over the depression, but only when you really want to do it.

In my case, I decided to cut myself from the society and people. And in cases where it was impossible to avoid people I decided to respond formally. It took me over a month to find joys in my hobbies again. I was not really really depressed but it was kind of same. You know that movie I said “It’s kind of a funny story.”

I really doubt if I’m all okay, but I will get there. ;)

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How to deal with people?

We all have friends, some have hundreds some have thousands. I’m just making a blind assumption, you have somewhat around 100 friends. And you might say “I have like thousand friends on my Facebook!”
But you yourself know that out of those thousands many of them are just acquaintances, you might have never ever talked to them, but you just happen to know them from some party or through some mutual friend.
Having less friends does have a benefit, the less friends you have, the less drama you have to deal with. Although I don’t know what could possibly go wrong with having less friends, but when you act like you don’t care, you will eventually lose friends, but also if the person is really your friend why would there ever come a situation for a break in friendship.
I read somewhere(probably someone’s status on Facebook) “Good thing about friendship is that, there are no breakups in it.”
I’m not being some insensitive ass, but I think the breakups in friendships are rather more devastating.  People always lie, if not they would hide things they think are not important to you. And at some point we just have to deal with the things. Not everything in this world can give you pleasure. This everything does include all the people as well.

So how do we deal with the people?
The answer to this is to Not give a F*#k. I know it is unfortunate. I was watching the TV series of Sherlock Holmes, when he once states Socializing weakens his thinking ability, and phrase somehow dropped the thinking cap on my head.

The other way to do it would be to have “the talk.”

be happy


“Nobody likes the talk, but it is necessary.”

                                               –Barney Stinson


It is up to you, there is always a choice of leaving things and dealing with them. It is not mean to leave people expecting, rather the time somehow sorts most of the things which might look complicated in the beginning.

Be happy by yourself and the others around you will follow.

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