A New Post New Beginning

Posted by Admin at Jul. 8. 2014.

It has been a really time since I last. There were multiple reasons for that, as such distractions as well as seriousness towards studies and enjoying stuffs with friends. Comes out I was quite lost, but I enjoyed past 6-8 months to the heights.

Now I’m having a restart on my Internet life. Starting with this blog post.
I’ve discontinued my other personal blog (coolabhay.com) which earned me quite an amount of money in 4 years. But it was just not good enough for me.
So I decided to make this (s2pd.com) as my semi-personal blog. I’ll post updates, tutorials, humor etc etc. I actually don’t have a thorough idea of what I’m going to do.
I’m starting to work on a cover song video, designing graphics, populating my port folio.

See you soon… ;)

Thought Of You…

I came across this stumbling.  Felt like sharing.

Click on the image to visit the AWEGIF.com or click here.

Since they don’t allow hot-linking, I cannot host it.

The Before You Die To-Do List #1

Posted by Admin at Oct. 17. 2013.

So last few many days I’ve been roaming around the college asking chicks about the weirdest thing they have done in there life till now or plan to do in future.

Many of them managed to escape the question by saying ” Will tell after thinking.” and many answers were out of my scope of understanding.

Then I switched question what is the “weirdest thing” they’ve  put in their mouth? :p
Okay! I was slapped a few times! OKAY many times!

to do list before you die

Anyways, just kidding!
Back to the topic! Do you have a To-Do list!? Have you ever thought of making it?

I made one when I was in High School, and now all of a sudden I felt like doing the most random s*#its again.

Here are the 5 things for next month or two, depending on how fast you are or I am.


1. Find a Girl! or Guy! [Be careful]

This does not mean finding a girlfriend, she can be just a good friend of yours or  a random girl you want to hit on. For girls, you better be careful cause guys easily fell in love and he might summon feelings for you. :p

You will have to discuss the things you people would be doing. Have at least a month of good friendship before proposing her to join you. DON’T FALL IN LOVE! :p

Create boundary lines for yourself, without telling him or her.

Now you’re ready to move.


2. Get a vehicle and decide random places.

By vehicle I’m precisely referring to a car. If you don’t know how to drive or you cannot arrange one, it is not a big deal. Discuss it with him/her. You can arrange your meet on nice random locations. Guys are most probably good at this, but it should be the lady’s call to decide.

Go for long walks, or sit together and talk. It will help you gain a better perspective and help you with your personality.

Fact of the day: Being under-confident is quite better than being over confident when in private events.


3. Alcohol [I hope you're 18+]

Now this is something which not everyone has tried. So if not done, this is something worth trying once and everytime probably.

But keep yourself in control, or at least try to keep yourself contained.

If you’re already a drinker, time to try the cheap one’s. ‘Daru‘ to be precise for Indians.


4. Cheap Cigarette (Bidi)

If you’ve tried, she wouldn’t have.

This is still on my list though. I have heard it is very light, so it is okay to have them.

Although I’m against smoking, but once would be okay I guess. SMOKING IS INJURIOUS TO HEALTH. Don’t be a D*#k.


5. Jump in the pool. Full Clothes ON!

This would be the most uncomfortable thing to do. And just imagine walking home all wet! :p