The Art of Biasing the View

Ever heard of brain manipulation?
Yeah, that’s right. It has something to do with the brains. :genius:

few words are powerful words

There is this show on Nat Geo, Work Out Your Brain or something like that. They kind of manipulates your brain during the show.
In practical life, we too do that. It is just that we need to focus rather more to see what we have done.

Say for example, if I ask you to think of 5 animal names and remember them for a while.
The chances of you counting Armadillo are very low.
Now you’ve heard the name of another animal, Armadillo, which you definitely have heard of before, but you didn’t recall it when you were thinking of 5 animal names. Why?

Simple and logical explanation, Armadillo is not something you hear of daily. You would think of the most common animal names, which you have most likely heard of in last 24-72 hours.

Now, if someone(other than me) will ask you 5 animal names in like 24-72 hours, you may or may not list Armadillo in that. But definitely, the name Armadillo is going to cross your mind.

This is called Biasing the point of view, or Brain Manipulation. I’m afraid I cannot think of any very impress way to show it. But I hope it hits the spot. I’m no expert yo! :p

Now, pushing the post to somewhat sentimental and personal sphere. I think we often bias each other’s point of view to a point we might not want to do.

When you ask some other person about their point of view, your point of view gets slightly inclined to that of theirs. The intensity of this “slightly” depends on the other person’s value in your life.
Sometimes we prioritize the words of a Stranger over the words someone we have a daily connection with.
I think Few Words are Powerful Words.
Do not overdo, do not over think, do not over talk.

If you don’t want your opinion be biased, do not ask for other’s point of view. If you don’t want to change other’s view, don’t impose your perspective on them.

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A New Post New Beginning

It has been a really time since I last. There were multiple reasons for that, as such distractions as well as seriousness towards studies and enjoying stuffs with friends. Comes out I was quite lost, but I enjoyed past 6-8 months to the heights.

Now I’m having a restart on my Internet life. Starting with this blog post.
I’ve discontinued my other personal blog ( which earned me quite an amount of money in 4 years. But it was just not good enough for me.
So I decided to make this ( as my semi-personal blog. I’ll post updates, tutorials, humor etc etc. I actually don’t have a thorough idea of what I’m going to do.
I’m starting to work on a cover song video, designing graphics, populating my port folio.

See you soon… ;)

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I came across this stumbling.  Felt like sharing.

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Since they don’t allow hot-linking, I cannot host it.

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